Cookbook 245 CCD Images

The images on this page were made using a homebuilt Cookbook 245 CCD Camera. The telescope was on a normal polaraligned superpolarismount, but no guiding corrections were made during the exposures. See what you can do with a small High Quality (130mm or 5" f 11.5), Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope! Remember that these are only the first trial images I made, using longer exposures and better guiding will give much better results! ( For information about building your own Cookbook CCD Camera visit Richard Berry's homepage.

I was rebuilding my Cookbook Camera to work with forced aircooling to get rid of the waterballet! But it is not easy to get close to the efficiency of watercooling. Now I started work on a new camera: The Audine CCD Info on the cooling project.

Image of Comet Hale Bopp

The image of Hale Bopp on the left was made with a 50mm f1.8 35mm-cameralens mounted on the Cookbook 245 Camera. It's a combination of 10 separate 1.5 sec exposures stacked with Richard Berry's Multi245 and it was treated with a Gammalog Unsharp Mask in Berry's CB245. The camera was on a fixed tripod. The image on the right is the same image, Rank Processed with CB245 software to bring out details. ( TheTails ;-)

Image of M51 (Whirlpool Galaxy)

Image of M64 (Black Eye Galaxy)

This image of M64 (Black Eye Galaxy) was made with the same gear as the M51 image. It consists of nine exposures of one minute each.

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