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Hale Bopp M27

Hello.... My name is Albert van Duin (which in English literally means: Albert from Dune ;-) and I live in Beilen, the Netherlands. I am an Ardent Amateur Astronomer. On this site you can find some interesting links to other sites, as well as some of my home made astro images.

The image of Hale-Bopp on the left was made with a Pentax 135mm f2.5 telephoto lens on a Vixen Superpolaris mount. Exposure three minutes on Kodak Ektachrome Panther 1600 on April 7th 1997 20:02 UT. Scanned with a HP 6200c and slide adapter.

The image of M27 on the right was made with my 255mm (10") f 6.3 Newtonian, exposure 30 minutes on Kodak Ektapress 1600. The negative was scanned on PhotoCD® and processed in Aldus Photostyler®. Optics made by OPTICON®.

Here are some links to other astronomy sites:

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Latest Update: April 24, 2012